5 Tips for Realtors on Instagram to Maximize Sales

Many realtors are looking to Instagram to get the word out about home listings for sale, but simply posting pictures of homes and sitting back waiting for the likes is not enough. Instagram can be a really effective marketing tool for real estate agents if used correctly. Follow the tips below to make the most of your account and attract more followers in your target market.

Complete Your Business Profile

You might get all the likes or followers in the world, but if there is no clear way for them to contact you or find out more about you, you could be wasting your time. Make sure that your Instagram profile is updated with your contact information, a professional picture, and any other details that might influence your prospect’s decision to call you or not.

Think Like a Photographer

Instagram is all about visuals, so it makes sense that your photos should be appealing. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can still make a few changes to how you snap pictures in order to grab attention. Try taking symmetry into account when photographing a home, or add a filter that brings out rich details. Take pictures from different angles to show off different parts of the house. Adjust things like brightness and contrast—no one is going to be motivated to call you if the pictures you post are blurry or too dark.

Use “Stories”

The Story feature on Instagram is relatively new. Like with Snapchat, it allows you to post a series of photos or videos that will go away after 24 hours. With Stories, you’re able to see who has viewed them, and you could potentially contact those leads based on the fact that they expressed interest in your post. The only downside is that only people who follow you will see your Stories. Still, they could potentially help spread the word if they know someone who is in the market to buy.

Go Beyond Promoting

Yes, you should keep your content consistent and relevant to your business, but you don’t have to only post new listings and ask for leads. Posting photos of you in action, or a nice story about colleagues, shows that you are engaged with others in your community. If you engage with your followers and reply to their questions, or comment on things they’ve posted, it shows you value two-way communication.

Take Advantage of Analytics

Check on your account’s activity to see who’s following you. Likewise, check in on your followers and see what they are interested in. If there is a way to combine promoting your brand with touching on a common interest of your fans, do it. Besides what you are able to see on the Instagram app, there are some third party apps and tools that allow you go even further into Instagram analytics, such as SimplyMeasured or InstaFollow. These tools can provide you with even more useful information about your target audience and their habits.

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