Buy Instagram views? Who would do that?

You might be surprised. A huge number of the world’s biggest online celebrities and social media influencers have been unmasked as having purchased Instagram followers, likes and views. Even many major businesses and politicians have artificially inflated their social media presence by buying followers and views.

Why would people who are already “important” buy Instagram views? Because it works.

Reasons to Buy Instagram Views

Instagram has more than 75,000,000 daily users. That’s a huge potential audience – but as you certainly know from monitoring your own account, each user sees only a tiny fraction of the photos and videos that are posted on the platform each day. When you’re an ordinary user who wants to make a splash on Instagram – either as an influencer, a business or a “celebrity” – you need to do more than just post regularly. You need a strategy to have your videos widely seen.

Here’s the frustrating part: even users who are given an opportunity to see your Instagram video won’t necessarily click on it. That’s because of what’s called herd mentality; people’s actions are often influenced by the behavior of their peers. On social media, herd mentality means that people are more likely to watch a video that already has a lot of views. “If all of those people have watched it,” the thinking goes, “it must be worth watching.”

That’s the major reason that even celebrities, businesses and social influencers buy Instagram views. When they post a new clip with the aim of going viral, starting with a high view count will give their video a big head start. The herd mentality will take over from there. This applies not only to views, but also followers and likes.

And if you’re not a famous user, buying Instagram views is even more important. It’s the only way your video counter will show thousands of views, allowing you to compete for attention with accounts that have thousands of followers.

Buying views can also help you build your account and influence over the long term. A normal user normally has to settle for picking up a follower here and another one there, eventually collecting a small group of like-minded friends. But when your video is exposed to a much wider audience, it’s an opportunity to quickly attract a large group of followers who love your video and want to see more of what you post.

Where to Buy Instagram Views

It’s easy to understand why Takeoff has become the #1 choice of social marketers and savvy businesses who want to buy Instagram views.

  1. First of all, we deliver real views from real viewers. Most suppliers have systems that deliver fake views via bot; no one is really watching your video – and Instagram checks for that. All of your impressive view numbers could disappear in an instant, as could your entire account.
  2. Second, we deliver your views immediately. The key to going viral is immediacy, so you can’t wait for a service to scrape up 1,000 or 5,000 views for your video. You need them as soon as you order them, and our Takeoff system is built to provide your views instantly.
  3. Third, we’re not just affordable, we’re have the lowest prices in the industry. That’s possible because our business model is built on providing bulk views and follows, so we operate more efficiently than the competition. How low are our prices? They start at just $2.97 for 100 views, and we can deliver as many as 10,000 views within minutes.
  4. Finally, we’re always available. You can reach our customer service reps 24/7/365, so if you need to change, increase or check on an order, you can get hold of us at any time.

Our Takeoff clients range from “ordinary” users to well-known celebrities whose names you’d know immediately. We’d love to add you to the list, whenever you need to buy Instagram views.