Lots of people follow rules and recommended procedures, right to the letter, in every situation. That’s an admirable quality, but it doesn’t always mean that they’ll get ahead.

Take online social platforms, for example. They’re a powerful method for being seen and heard, whether you have an adorable new picture of your baby to share or a fledgling business to promote.

If you follow the platforms’ rules and recommended procedures to the letter, you’ll spend months or years posting regularly, slowly building up your friends or followers and hoping for the best. One day, you may have a decent number of connections through your social media accounts. And one day, a decent number of people will actually see and like your posts.

Here’s the problem: “one day” isn’t an acceptable time frame if you’re trying to build your reputation or get a new venture off the ground. That’s particularly true on Instagram, known for its unparalleled ability to create instant celebrities and jump-start businesses thanks to the platform’s 700-million monthly users.

Gradually building your account the way that Instagram recommends, though, won’t get you anywhere. You need your photos and videos to be seen as soon as you post them.

The most effective way to do that is to buy Instagram likes.

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

Let’s start with the brutal reality. Your posts won’t bring you many tangible benefits if no one sees them, and they’ll barely be seen at all until (or unless) you have a huge group of established followers. That’s because the only way posts get pushed to the front of the “normal” Instagram display queue is if they already have a large number of likes.

So what’s a new user to do? Buying Instagram likes can push you to the front of the line, and here’s why.

A post counter displaying a ton of likes does two things. First, it “tells” Instagram that your post is already popular, so the platform’s algorithm will display it more often to users who don’t already follow you. Second, it attracts even more views, because the natural human reaction to seeing a photo or video with lots of likes is “That must be a great post.” Presto! Your likes start to soar once you’ve primed the pump.

There’s one more side benefit. New viewers for your posts will be more likely to follow your account. That’s an effective way to build your overall visibility and popularity, so your future posts will have a much larger natural audience.

Buying Instagram likes is the quickest way to build your account into a force to be reckoned with.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Likes from Takeoff

It’s no secret to Instagram that lots of users buy likes. And it’s easy for them to tell when those likes are fake – sent by low-end services from bare-bones accounts built specifically for that purpose. It won’t be long before the likes are removed, and your Instagram account may disappear as well.

Takeoff is a very different type of provider. When you buy Instagram likes from us they’re real likes, coming from legitimate, aged accounts. They aren’t going anywhere; they’ll stick and build your post’s authority and popularity. The same can be said about our views and followers.

And Takeoff delivers your likes immediately. That’s important, because there’s no time to waste when you want a fresh photo or video to be seen by lots of Instagram users quickly. We can supply as many as 10,000 high-quality, real likes within minutes, at prices that are the lowest in our industry. And if you ever experience an issue our 24/7 customer service team is available to resolve it in real-time.

Buying Instagram likes is important. It’s just as important to buy them from an experienced and reliable service. Takeoff has spent years satisfying clients who want to buy Instagram likes. We’d like to do the same for you.