You’ve read articles about it, you’ve heard about it via word-of-mouth, or you’ve seen ads about it. It sounds easy, too: buy Instagram followers for your account and send your popularity soaring within days.

Sounds simple, right? It is. But there are important details you have to know before you start.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

The reason that online videos go viral isn’t always their quality or timeliness. Very often, viral videos are viewed so often because they’re so popular. People figure that if millions of people have watched a clip, it must be worth watching.

Social media accounts work the same way. If someone has a million followers, people figure that they must be worth following – and they join the crowd. Before you know it, a “celebrity” or “guru” with 100,000 followers has 500,000, and then a million. That’s the story behind most social media influencers who started small and grew their account into a powerhouse. Many businesses that market online do the exact same thing.

Unfortunately you can’t jump onto Instagram, diligently post terrific photos or videos every day, and find yourself with thousands of followers after a week, a month or even a year. In truth, most of your photos and videos won’t even be seen very often. Instagram’s algorithms take your popularity into account before deciding whether to widely display your posts.

So you’re not wrong to consider sending artificial “juice” to your account in order to make a splash on Instagram. And the quickest and most effective method is to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views.

That doesn’t mean you can buy them anywhere.

Not All Instagram Followers Are the Same

The business of supplying Instagram followers is, in many ways, no different than most industries. There are a few quality providers like Takeoff which are reputable and experienced, delivering high-quality followers that will last forever.

Most companies, however, are just trying to make a quick buck with a substandard product; when you buy Instagram followers online from one of them, you’re likely to be a victim rather than a satisfied customer. The majority use obviously-fake accounts and cheap bots to deliver automated followers – which Instagram may quickly remove. Your account may even be deleted if you have too many of these low-quality followers.

You won’t experience any of those issues when buying Instagram followers from Takeoff. We’ve been doing this for years and deliver only the highest-quality followers, all from robust, aged accounts with profiles that look completely legitimate. Your counter will continue to spin, your followers will stick, and you’ll have an impressive base on which you can build.

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Have questions about your followers or need more? At Takeoff, we believe that quality service doesn’t stop when your order is delivered. Our helpful customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you want to be a social influencer, boost your online business or simply become more popular – buy Instagram followers from Takeoff and you’ll see how quickly an Instagram account can take off.